“When ‘Me’ Time Becomes ‘We’ Time…And Not in a Good Way”

So, Here’s the Deal

We’ve got this routine, right?

My hubby takes the morning shift with our little one, and I hit the gym. Then we tag team it through the day until it’s time for her pre-bed routine.

Sounds pretty smooth, doesn’t it?

But then….

Just when I thought we had it all flowing nicely, my husband walks in with the bomb.

He comes home and casually drops, “Actually, I’ll be here with the baby, but we’ll stay out of your way so you can do your thing.”

“Wait, you’re what now?”

I swear I had steam coming out of my ears.

“You mean, you’ll be IN the house with me?”

That was NOT the plan.

This was supposed to be my solo time, just me, my thoughts, and a bit of peace and quiet —

Like I did before……

The thing about ‘Me Time’.

Even if they’re not right in your arms, knowing your little one is nearby means your mum radar is always on.

There’s no off switch.

No recharging.

You’re always half expecting to hear a cry, a laugh, or just about any noise, really.

It’s exhausting, and somehow you end up feeling more wiped out than if you were on active duty.

End of the day?

I’m more zapped than if I’d run an actual marathon. In heels.

Trust me, a bit of space does wonders.

Listen up, partners. We love you, and we appreciate you.

But ‘me’ time?

It’s like oxygen for us. It’s not just about being alone; it’s about getting a chance to reset. 

And no, we can’t just switch off our mum brains like you might not hear the baby at 2 AM.

So when you’re on baby duty, maybe take the hint and venture out a bit more?

Trust me, a bit of space does wonders.

And you might just come back to a partner who doesn’t want to use her alone time to plot your temporary exile.

Shout out to Single Mums!

And to the single moms doing this round the clock—my heart goes out to you.

I want to give you the biggest hug ever.

You’re doing an incredible job!

What’s your Motherhood Story?

Got your own tales of ‘me’ time gone awry?

Or maybe a win where you actually got to enjoy that ‘Me Time’?

I’m all ears.

Share your stories because sharing these moments makes the journey a bit lighter, a bit funnier, and a lot more relatable.

What’s your story?

Let’s laugh (and maybe cry) together.

Motherhood is a wild ride, filled with ups, downs, and unexpected turns. And it’s stories like these that connect us, make us laugh, cry, and nod in understanding.

This is our space to be real, to support each other through the craziness that is motherhood.

Where are you on this journey? Let’s talk.

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Hi! I'm Virginia.
I'm a new mum like you wanting to change the way we see our motherhood journey, the good, crazy and the darn right terrible without judgment or criticism.

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