“The First Cold: Navigating Motherhood with a Type A Personality”

The Unwelcome Guest

My First Cold!

Not my cold, but my 8-month-old’s.

Up until now, I was on a mission to shield her from every germ, armed with vitamins and all the research you could imagine to keep sickness at bay.

But here we are, and it feels like I’ve dropped the ball big time.

Type A meets Baby Reality

So, yeah, I’m that Type A mum.

You know, the one who doesn’t just “attend” events but needs to ace them.

Everything I do is a competition, and I’ve always played to win.

Naturally, I figured parenting would be another trophy on my shelf.

Plan everything, ace the schedule, and parenting’s a breeze, right? Wrong.

It turns out, babies didn’t get the memo on my life’s rule book.

And facing my first major hiccup with her getting sick has me feeling like the world’s biggest failure.

And all my plans, including that sleep schedule I bragged about having nailed?

Gone with the wind…PPfff!

Letting Go of Control

Here’s the deal, ladies: I’m humbly learning that control is a bit of an illusion, especially in motherhood.

As much as my Type A self wants to manage every little detail, some things—like colds, sleep patterns, and just about every other unpredictable aspect of raising a human—are beyond my grip. 

There was always that innate fear that facing up to this would break me, and yes, I am afraid.

There are no manuals. No ‘try hard and you’ll succeed’.

But I’m still here, doing my best, and I have to accept that it is good enough.

I am doing a GOOD job.

The Real Talk about Parenting

I’m not here to dish out advice or pretend I have all the answers. What I want is to create a space where we can be real about the rollercoaster of motherhood.

As a Type A mum, admit that the struggle is real, and it is ok to admit it.

Over 75% of us mums struggle with postpartum depression, and if that doesn’t highlight the challenge we’re facing, I don’t know what does.

Your Stories Matter

This blog isn’t about solutions. It’s about sharing, venting, maybe even finding a reason to laugh or cry together.

We’re bombarded with advice, apps, and expectations. 

But when we strip that away and share our raw, unfiltered experiences, we take away the power of judgment and isolation.

Where are you in your Motherhood Journey?

Got a tale of your own Type A plans meeting the chaos of motherhood?

A moment when you had to let go and just embrace the mess?

Drop your story in the comments. Let’s make this a judgment-free zone where all our motherhood tales, the good, the bad, and the messy, can find a home.

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Hi! I'm Virginia.
I'm a new mum like you wanting to change the way we see our motherhood journey, the good, crazy and the darn right terrible without judgment or criticism.

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