My Motherhood Story: My Mother’s Day Meltdown.

My very first Mother’s Day was tough this year.

It wasn’t the hallmark card scene I’d imagined. Instead, it brought tension, tears, and a revealing look into the depths of my new reality as a mum.

The day, meant to celebrate me, morphed into a stark reminder of my changed world.

My husband, bless him, had plans—good intentions that unfortunately meant I’d be solo parenting our more-vocal-than-usual little one for most of the day.

My energy was low, my anxiety high, and every cry from her felt like a siren to my fraying nerves.

Navigating the Raw Edges of Motherhood

As the day wore on, my husband, also on edge, seemed to direct his frustration at me.

The tipping point came at bath time, a task usually his domain, but left to me amidst the day’s chaos. When he finally appeared, offering to help but bombarding me with questions about my choices in the routine, my patience shattered.

I lost it. 

Not in a teary, sobbing way but with a fierce, seething anger.

In that moment, I resented him—for his freedom, his unaffected routine, for the privilege of continuity in his life while I felt like I was drowning, trying to keep my head above water in my new role as the ‘default’ primary parent.

This shift in my life—my mind feels different, my body foreign, and despite being surrounded by people, loneliness clings to me.

The autonomy I once enjoyed, the ability to just be me, feels like a distant memory.

It’s now  replaced by the constant presence of our little one.

Adjusting to this new dynamic has been one of my greatest challenges, affecting my mood, my sense of identity, and how I see the world.

How do we as a couple navigate this shift, recognizing the hardships but finding a way to unite and share our feelings openly instead of drifting apart?

My energy was low, my anxiety high, and every cry from her felt like a siren to my fraying nerves.

Will we or Won’t We?

The fear for our future looms large.

Statistics whisper warnings of couples parting ways in the first year of parenthood, adding a layer of anxiety to my already burdened mind and heart.

But here’s the thing—I believe in the power of sharing, of opening up about the raw, unedited truths of our experiences.

So, I’m reaching out to you, fellow mothers, in the hope of forging connections built on understanding and shared struggles.

What’s your Motherhood Story?

How have you navigated the shift of your relationships post-baby?

Have you experienced moments of resentment, loss of identity, or fear for the future?

Let’s create a space where we can speak honestly, where we can talk about our feelings without fear of judgment, and find solace in our shared experiences.

This journey of motherhood is complex, but I believe that together, we can find the strength to embrace our new selves and the changes in our lives.

Let’s support each other through the highs and lows, the meltdowns and the breakthroughs. 

Share your story in the comments below—let’s navigate this path together, finding unity, support, and hope in our collective voices.

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Hi! I'm Virginia.
I'm a new mum like you wanting to change the way we see our motherhood journey, the good, crazy and the darn right terrible without judgment or criticism.

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