My Motherhood Story: Beyond the Perfect Picture

So there I was, in my trusty bathrobe, sporting the “I haven’t showered in days” look, scrolling through those stock photos of mothers and babies.

You know the ones—where moms look like they’ve just stepped out of a salon, cradling their babies with not a hair out of place and a smile so bright it’s practically blinding.

And I couldn’t help but wonder… is it just me, or do these images make anyone else want to roll their eyes, or just irritate you?

These picture-perfect snapshots set an impossible standard, making the rest of us feel a tad inadequate for experiencing anything but bliss in our motherhood journey.

And heaven forbid we share a slice of our real, messy life—suddenly, we’re bombarded with voices questioning our adequacy or labeling us as “damaged.

Let’s be real

Raising a tiny human is tough.

Juggling their emotions on top of our own? Even tougher.

But perhaps the toughest part is feeling like there’s no space to admit that sometimes, just sometimes, we’re not vibing with the whole scenario. That we’re anxious, overwhelmed, and frankly, a bit lost.

It’s perfectly okay to feel this way. How else are we supposed to heal and move forward if we can’t dive into our truth, without the pressure to keep up appearances or maintain a facade of perfection?

Finding Strength in sharing the Struggles

Expecting the unexpected, embracing the chaos, and acknowledging the uncertainties—all of it is part of the motherhood package.

It’s about creating a space where it’s safe to say, “Hey, I’m struggling,” and knowing that’s more than okay.

These feelings don’t just vanish into thin air; reaching out for help and support is not only necessary but vital.

And imagine, just imagine, if speaking openly about the challenges and struggles became the norm.

The kind of support that could emerge—from family, friends, and, crucially, on a policy level—could transform the landscape of postpartum care.

Let’s Nurture the Nurturer

How are we to unlock the future for our children if we don’t first address the needs of their primary caregiver?

And for those quick to judge, saying, “Well, if you knew it’d be this hard, maybe you shouldn’t have had kids,” … let me ask you this ‘Isn’t this exactly the point of this conversation?

This conversation, this openness, is precisely what’s needed.

So, where are you in your motherhood journey?

I’d love for you to share your experiences, the highs and lows, in this safe space we’re creating together. Let’s talk, laugh, and maybe shed a tear or two, knowing we’re all in this beautifully chaotic journey together.

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Hi! I'm Virginia.
I'm a new mum like you wanting to change the way we see our motherhood journey, the good, crazy and the darn right terrible without judgment or criticism.

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