My Motherhood Journey: Navigating Neuroticism

The Silence Before My Storm. The house is quiet now, a rare moment of peace that feels almost alien to me these days. It’s in these fleeting instances of silence however, that my thoughts begin to race, a relentless marathon with no finish line in sight. As a new mother, I thought I’d be basking […]

My Motherhood Story: Embracing the New Me

The Shift In My Universe Today was one of those days where the walls of my new reality closed in a bit too tightly. It’s strange, this new world I find myself in. A world where my heart is immeasurably full, yet so often, I find myself gasping for air, trying to find who I […]

“The First Cold: Navigating Motherhood with a Type A Personality”

The Unwelcome Guest My First Cold! Not my cold, but my 8-month-old’s. Up until now, I was on a mission to shield her from every germ, armed with vitamins and all the research you could imagine to keep sickness at bay. But here we are, and it feels like I’ve dropped the ball big time. […]

“When ‘Me’ Time Becomes ‘We’ Time…And Not in a Good Way”

So, Here’s the Deal We’ve got this routine, right? My hubby takes the morning shift with our little one, and I hit the gym. Then we tag team it through the day until it’s time for her pre-bed routine. Sounds pretty smooth, doesn’t it? But then…. Just when I thought we had it all flowing […]

My Motherhood Story: My Mother’s Day Meltdown.

My very first Mother’s Day was tough this year. It wasn’t the hallmark card scene I’d imagined. Instead, it brought tension, tears, and a revealing look into the depths of my new reality as a mum. The day, meant to celebrate me, morphed into a stark reminder of my changed world. My husband, bless him, […]

“Finding Strength in Numbers: The Power of a Mother’s Tribe”

Sometimes, I’ve felt like an island—managing life’s ups and downs solo. It’s not that I prefer solitude, but the thought of burdening others with my troubles, my deepest fears, seems too much. I’ve always found it easier to lend an ear than to share my own vulnerabilities. There’s this lingering worry that opening up might […]