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Unlock Your Baby's Brilliance In Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day

Develop your newborn’s visual and cognitive development with a form of play that’s easy to learn (even when you’re exhausted).

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Your Child is a Genius in Waiting

Your baby’s brain will go through some remarkable development within the first several months of life.

Imagine a remote village with a few hundred people transforming into a bustling city of 1 million in a mere 90 days.

That’s what’s going on inside your child’s head.

And there’s a way you can help that mental city grow even faster.

It won’t take much time, you can get started in minutes, and it’s a lovely way to bond with your baby.

The Secret to Boosting Your Baby's Brain

Newborns don’t see the world as you and I do.

In their first several months of life they can only distinguish shades of grey, white, and black.

This is why black and white cards and activities are so beneficial throughout their first year.

With just 10 minutes of high-contrast play each day, you can improve…

Visual Development

Even before 3 months, looking at high-contrast objects will sharpen your baby’s vision.

Focus Tracking

When you move objects closer or farther away, your baby’s focus will learn to adjust.

Neck Strength

As your baby watches the objects, turning his or her head builds strength in neck muscles.

And, you’re creating a lasting bond with your baby at the same time. How efficient!

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Baby Is Brilliant is an online community of new parents who want the baddest babies on the block.

Without wasting hours Googling for solutions…

And without feeling as if they’re parenting alone.

What's Included in the Program:

Black and White Activity Book

Kick-start your baby’s brain with this guidebook. It’s a simple introduction to high-contrast play with printable cards you can start using in minutes.

New Activity Ideas Each Week

I come up with new activity ideas so you don’t have to! As your baby grows, you’ll need new ways to play that match your baby’s developmental milestones.

Weekly Q&A Meetings

Have questions about how to use the cards or how to easily create a new toy with supplies you already have in your house? I’m here to help!

A Community of New Parents

Get help, support, and encouragement from other parents who are also learning how to develop their babies’ brains with simple, low-cost activities.

Hello, I'm Virginia

Before I became a new mom, I was clear on one thing:

I wanted to have a brilliant baby.

I wanted to do everything I could to support her brain development long before she could walk or speak.

I wanted something that was low-cost, easy to do, and that didn’t take up hours.

And – while I found lots of high-contrast card packs online – I didn’t find what I was really looking for…

Ongoing help and support over the first year of my baby’s life.

That’s why I created the Baby is Brilliant program.

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